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Edwin U.

"Already tested it yesterday scouting an stalking up in direct wind towards bedded Elk. It Works!!!"

- Spirit Lake, ID.

Zach W.

"I decided to give it a try and it worked awesome, called a coyote down to 20 yards."

 - Spokane Valley, WA. 

Jim Burnworth

 "It’s the highest concentration of this scent that I have ever smelled in my life. I’m just so impressed with this. This is what I am going to use. This is the real deal!" "I think it’s really amazing, amazing stuff."

- Extreme Bow hunter and host of Western Extreme on The Sportsman Channel - Spokane, Wa.

Antony M.

“There are so many key factors that come into harvesting an elk especially with a bow. Wind and scent being two of the major keys to ever even seeing the animal. As an archery hunter I want all of the odds in my favor. If I didn’t wash with the (Earth) Bar Soap and use the (Pine) Scent concealer made by the Hunters Best there's no saying if I would have ever been able to get a 9 yard shot on my dream bull of a lifetime.”

- ID. 

Tim D. 

 "Used the scent. Had 7 deer within 10 yards. I was sitting on the ground. Good stuff."

- Perryville, MO.

Success speaks volumes!

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